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Bond 2024

Taft ISD 2024 Bond FACT SHEET
General Information
(Frequently Asked Questions)
What is the deadline to register to vote?
Thursday, April 4, 2024
When is Early Voting and Election Day?
Early Voting Starts on Monday, April 22, 2024, and Ends on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Election Day will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2024, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Where are the Early Voting Locations?  Where is the Election Day Voting Location?
Early Voting will take place at the following locations:
Main Early Voting Location
Julia M. Alvarado Center (formerly known as the Hidalgo Center)
110 Allende St.  Taft, TX 
Temporary Branch Early Voting Locations
Woodroe Petty Elementary School
401 Peach St.  Taft, TX
Taft High School Library (Administration Office #A1)
502 Rincon Rd.  Taft, TX
Voting on Election Day will only take place at:
Julia M. Alvarado Center (formerly known as the Hidalgo Center)
110 Allende St.  Taft, TX 
The Kiva Hut will not serve as a polling location on Election Day or for Early Voting!
Why is the Bond Election being called?
The Bond Election has been called to address aging facilities and safety & security. This can only be done with voter approval
What is the total amount of the bond proposal?
The Taft ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to put a $47.9 million School Bond on the May 4th ballot. If approved, the bond measure will provide a new high school campus, multiple upgrades, and improvements to district facilities.
What is included in the 2024 Taft ISD Bond?
Taft High School
      • New High School campus facing Green Avenue with classrooms, Career & Technical Education wing, auditorium, band hall and gymnasium
      • Athletic improvements including baseball & softball fields with artificial turf
      For more information, click on the links below:

Ricardo L. Trevino Junior High School
      •Band Hall upgrades
      •Library/media center renovations
      For more information, click on Trevino JH Facilities Assessment.

Woodroe Petty Elementary School
      • New physical education facility
      • ADA Accessible playground equipment
      For more information, click on Petty Elementary Facilities Assessment.
Upgrades to the Agricultural Barn Facility
Renovation to the Transportation Facility with an addition to house Maintenance Staff

Districtwide Projects
     • Upgraded security camera & communication system
     • HVAC Upgrades/Replacements/Controls
     • Roofing Repairs/Replacements
     • Flooring Upgrades
What is the estimated tax impact of the 2024 Bond?
If approved, the estimated maximum tax rate is not expected to increase in Taft ISD.  The total tax rate will remain $1.211 ($0.7575 towards M&O and $0.4536 towards I&S).
How is it possible to issue bonds without a Tax Rate Increase?
If approved by the voters, the estimated maximum Tax Rate is not expected to increase.  Increased property values and new business development, such as solar & wind farms, are used to project the estimated maximum Tax Rate.
What is the current tax rate and proposed tax rate if the 2024 Bond Referendum is approved?
The current tax rate is a total of $1.2111 ($0.7575 towards M&O and $0.4536 towards I&S).  If approved, the proposed maximum tax rate would not increase and would remain $1.211.
What is the exemption for Taft ISD residents who are 65 years or older?
 By state law, Taft ISD property taxes on homesteads for citizens age 65 or older would not be affected by the bond election as long as the appropriate exemption applications have been filed with the local appraisal district.
How does the Taft ISD tax rate compare to other districts in our area?
School District M&O Tax Rate I&S Tax Rate Total Tax Rate
Mathis ISD $0.7575 $0.4042 $1.1617
Skidmore-Tynan ISD $0.7575 $0.4370 $1.1945
Taft ISD $0.7575
Odem-Edroy ISD $0.7575 $0.4670 $1.2245
Sinton ISD $0.7575 $0.4800 $1.2375
How much of the I&S debt will be paid by single family residences and Industrial/Commercial/Agriculture/Other taxpayers (such as Wind Farm and Oil Gas Corporations)?
Single-Family Residences ("Rooftops") account for 8% of I&S taxable value.  Industrial/Commercial/Agriculture/Other taxpayers account for 92% of taxable value.

In accordance with new state law, all school ballot propositions must include the following statement: “This is a property tax increase” regardless if there is no expected increase to the school district tax rate. If approved by Taft ISD voters, homeowners will see no increase in their property tax rate.


De acuerdo con la nueva ley estatal, todas las propuestas de votación escolar deben incluir la siguiente declaración: "Este es un aumento del impuesto a la propiedad", independientemente de si no se espera un aumento en la tasa de impuestos del distrito escolar. Si los votantes de Taft ISD lo aprueban, los propietarios no verán un aumento en su tasa de impuestos a la propiedad.