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Our Mission

The Taft ISD is responsible for preparing its students to live and work in a changing society. The District will best fulfill this responsibility by providing its students with an environment characterized by strong instructional leadership, high expectations for success for all students, sufficient time for teaching and learning, a safe and orderly school environment, frequent monitoring of students progress, and effective home-school communication.

To be successful, our District is committed to: prepare students to be lifelong learners, provide students with a balanced curriculum, provide instruction at the highest level of quality, assist students in improving in the areas of math, reading, and writing, and assist students in developing citizenship and economic responsibility.

The Taft ISD believes that all students can learn the necessary basic skills to be independent, productive citizens.  

We are motivated by our vision.

  1. STAFF DEVELOPMENT.   We will develop the skills and capacities of our people  to whatever level necessary to be successful with whatever students come our way.

  2. TECHNOLOGY.  We will provide employees and students with the most up to date  tools they need to work and learn successfully in this new era of information and communication.

  3. EFFECTIVE SCHOOLS.   We will keep up with the research, identifying and applying what works best in every work situation each day in each classroom with each student.

  4. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.   We will reach whatever standards necessary to enable our employees and our students to work and live in a global environment.

  5. SUPPORT SYSTEMS.  We will use our resources in our operational support of teaching and in our classrooms in ways that produce the highest levels of learning possible for the dollars we produce.

We are guided by our Core Values

  • We are about educating the "whole child."   We think about the total development of the students as persons in all that we do with, to, and for, them.  By whole, we mean their physical, mental, moral, social, and spiritual dimensions.  What we do or not do makes a difference.  We help shape their future and the future of the world.

  • We are family.  We care about each other as human beings.  We are all in the same boat.  We give the same degree of respect to each other regardless of job assignment or level of education, but we give our teachers the benefit of the doubt.  We cultivate friends and partners and are inclusive in our thinking.

  • We are learners.  We denote time and energy to being continuous learners individually.  We support each other's learning.   The district supports our learning.  We want to learn from experiences from others and from research.  We are future oriented and have a dream of success for all employees and all students.

  • We are efficient.  We know we must be highly efficient because we have fewer resources to work with.  We maximize every opportunity to multiply the usefulness of what we do have.  We are accountable and welcome responsibility.

  • We are proactive.  We do not wait for things to be forced on us.  We anticipate and plan well.  We do not like to be surprised.  We are always searching for what is out there and what we should be paying attention to and to that which could make us better.  We are goal oriented and want to be known for our foresight and how we follow up with action.

We are shaped by our beliefs-

  • All children can learn.

  • People would rather be led than managed.

  • We implement change better if we understand the needs first.

  • We are either declining or improving as a school district.

  • We are willing to learn more if the new learning is perceived to be relevant to our needs.

  • We are more influenced to change by modeling, teaching, and encouragement by our peers.

  • Our people are our most powerful resources.

  • We are to be life long learners if we are to be successful.

  • The quality and character of our relationships determine our success.

  • All of us want to be appreciated.

  • We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves that can add meaning to our lives.