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Required Postings

Internet Postings on District's Internet Site Code Rule, Law, Regulation    
Texas Academic Performance Report 39.362 Education Code    
Performance Rating of the District 39.362 Education Code    
Definitions and Explanation of Each Performance Rating Described by Education Code 39.072(a) 39.362 Education Code    
Campus Report Card 39.362 Education Code    
Notice of accreditation-warned or accreditation-probation status 39.054 Education Code This notice is to be posted no later than 30 days after receiving Accredited-Warned, Accredited-Probation or Not Accredited-Revoked status, and is to remain on the district's website until the rating is raised to "Accredited" status.  The notice is to explain the implications of the status and steps to be taken to address the deficiencies identified by the TEA. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Improvement plan for low-performing campuses hearing §39.106, 39.107 Education Code Board is to conduct a public hearing on improvement plan for low-performing campuses and post the improvement plan on the district's website. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Graduation Plans 28.02121(b) Education Code Notice is to include information provided by TEA on benefits of various graduation plans, levels of achievement and endorsements.  Published information is to be in language(s) parents or legal guardians are most proficient for language(s) that at least 20 students in a grade level primarily speak.  Effective beginning school year 2014-2015  
Superintendent's Contract 109.1005(b)(2)(A) Title 19, Texas Administrative Code The school district is to provide a copy of the superintendent's contract EITHER as a disclosure in the financial management report provided to attendees at the Schools FIRST hearing OR by posting the contract on the district's Internet site.    
Targeted Improvement Plan 39.106(e-1)(2) Education Code    
Notice of Corrective Action 6316(c)(10) Title 20 United States Code (U.S.C.) NCLB-related requirement  
Local Innovation Plan and Campus Intervention Team 12A.005 Education Code The final version of the proposed local innovation plan is to be posted on the district's website for at least 30 days prior to the public meeting of the board to adopt the plan. Notice of a campus intervention team public meeting must be posted on the campus website. HB 1842 84th Legislature  
Annual Federal Report Card 20 USC 6311(h)(2)(E) United States Code Post the annual federal report card.  
Campus Report Card 39.0544 Education Code Requires a district to produce a campus score card  related to the district's local accountability system that may be displayed on the Texas Education Agency web site.   HB 22, 85th Legislative Session  
Summary of Proposed Budget 44.0041 Education Code    
Adopted Budget 39.084 Education Code Required to maintain the adopted budget on the district's website until the third anniversary of the date the budget was adopted  
Proposed Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate 26.05(b) Tax Code Required if tax rate will raise more taxes than prior year or if tax rate exceeds effective maintenance and operations tax rate  
Tax Rate Trend Information 26.16 Tax Code School districts are to provide tax rate information to the County Tax Assessor Collector for the most recent five tax years beginning with the 2012 tax year.  The information to be posted by the County Tax Assessor Collector is the following: adopted tax rate, maintenance and operations rate, debt rate, effective tax rate, effective maintenance and operations rate and rollback rate.  This will allow taxpayers to go to a single website to view tax rate information for all taxing entities.    
Federal grant awards   Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) School districts and open-enrollment charter schools that receive federal grant awards totaling more than $25,000 and contract awards totaling more than $550,000, respectively, directly from the federal government on or after October 1, 2010, must report certain information, including a description of the award and, in some instances, must also report the total compensation and names of the top five school officials.  A report will be due by the end of the month following approval for a federal grant or contract, and must be updated when there are changes to specific information on file. The new reporting requirements does  not apply to federal awards that passed through the  TEA (because TEA is covering this reporting effort for federal funds that pass through TEA). School district and open-enrollment charter school are  responsible for initiating their own process to ensure compliance with the FFATA reporting requirements by following instructions provided by  grantor agencies other than the TEA.   
Financial Transparency 140.008 Local Government Code A political subdivision, including a school district, is to post an annual report that discloses information on outstanding debt and for each debt obligation, in addition to other specified fiscal information. The district is also required to disclose per capital debt information. The district's credit rating is to be reported in addition to any other information considered to be relevant or necessary to explain the amounts disclosed by the district. Section 140.008, Local Government Code, is specific about what debt and fiscal-related information is required to be disclosed. TASBO provides a template that can be accessed at https://www.tasbo.org/resource/tools-templates/debt-transparency
HB 1378, 84th Legislative Session  
When proposing to issue capital appreciate bonds, a political subdivision, including a school district, must post certain  information about the proposed debt, in accordance with Section 1201.0245, Government Code. The information must be updated periodically to ensure it is current and accurate. HB 114, 84th Legislative Session
Bill of rights for property owners whose property may be acquired by governmental or private entities through the use of eminent domain authority 402.031 Government Code House Bill 1495, 80th Legislature, Regular Session  
Notice of a Board Meeting 551.056 Government Code    
Agenda for a Board Meeting 551.056 Government Code Required if the board meeting notice does not include the agenda and the district contains all or part of the area within the corporate boundaries of a municipality with a population of 48,000 or more. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Campaign Finance Reports 254.04011 Election Code Required of members of board of trustees and candidates for the office of school board trustee for school districts located either wholly or partly in a city with a population of 500,000 or more, and with a student enrollment of more than 15,000.  The political contributions and expenditures report must be posted online no later than the fifth business day after the date the report is filed with the school district. The posting provisions apply to campaign finance reports that are required to be filed on or after Jan. 1, 2012, under House Bill 336, 82nd Legislature. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Election Notice 85.007(d)(1) Election Code Post election notices  
Public Information Request 11.1512 Education Code Required when members of board of trustees request 200 or more pages of material in a 90-day period.  The number of requests and total costs to the school district during the preceding school year in responding to the requests is to be reported.  
Online Message Board 551 Government Code Required if implemented by public school. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Audio and Video Recordings of Open Meetings 551.128 Government Code School districts with an enrollment of 10,000 or more are to post a video and audio recording of each regularly scheduled open meeting that is not a work session or a special called meeting. The recording is to be posted not later than seven days after the recording of the meeting and is to remain on the district's Internet site for not less than two years after the recording was first made available. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Audio and Video Recordings of Work Sessions or Special Called Meetings 551.128 Government Code School districts with an enrollment of 10,000 or more are to post a video and audio recording of each work session or special called meeting if the board of trustees votes on any matter or allows public comment or testimony. HB 523, 85th Legislative Session. This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.  
Immunization Requirements and Recommendations 38.019 Education Code Post in English and Spanish: a list of immunization requirements and recommendations, a list of health clinics in the district that offer influenza vaccine, and a link to the Department of State Health Services Internet website providing procedures for claiming an exemption from requirements in Section 38.001, Education Code. House Bill 1059, 80th Legislature, Regular Session  
Statement for Public Inspection by School Health Advisory Council     BDF Legal  
Group Health Coverage Plan and Report 22.004(d) Education Code This only applies to districts that have a self-funded health insurance plan. The annual report submitted to TRS and a copy of the plan are to be posted.  
Vacancy Position Postings 11.1513(d)(1)(B) Education Code 10 day notice for vacant position requiring license or certificate  
Posting of Vacancies 11.163(d) Education Code Post vacant position for which a certificate or license is required or post the position at certain physical locations in the district  
Board's Employment Policies 21.204(a)–(d) Education Code    
Reverse Auction Scheduled Internet Location 2155.062(d) Government Code    
College Credit Programs 28.010(b) Education Code Availability of college credit courses  
Physical Activity Policies 28.004(k) Education Code Physical activity policy by campus level, health advisory council information, notification to parents that child's physical fitness assessment results available on request, vending machine and food service guidelines, and penalties for tobacco product use  
Home Schooled Student Testing  29.916 Education Code Dates PSAT/NMSQT and any college advanced placement tests will be administered and provide instructions for participation by a home-schooled pupil.  House Bill 1844, 80th Legislature, Regular Session  
Transition and Employment Guide for Special Education Students 29.0112 Education Code Districts are to post the employment and transition guide developed by TEA in collaboration with HHS.    
Local Programs and Services Available to Homeless Students 33.906 Education Code
Districts are to post information regarding local programs and services, including charitable programs and services, available to assist homeless students. This requirement applies to a school district that has an enrollment of 3,000 or more and is primarily located within a county with a population of 50,000 or more. HB 1559, 84th Legislative Session.
This does not apply to Taft ISD at this time.
Bulling Reporting Procedures 37.0832(e) Education Code Post procedure for reporting bulling.