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Diana Buendia

Diana Buendia

Diana C. Buendia is a Proud alumni of Taft High School, graduating with the class of 1985. She has 5 joyful children, Adrian, Kimberly, J.B.,Tim, Matthew and the husband of the world’s most patient man - Juan of 27 years.  She has 3 grandchildren Adrian, Jocelyn, and Audrina. The family pet is Oreo.  

Diana is a member of Taft Immaculate Conception Church. She works at Coastal Orthopedics P.A. in Corpus Christi. When she is isn’t chasing her grown children in San Antonio and Austin or face timing grandkids, you will find her out in the yard, cooking, reading, or walking; she loves the beach. A mother’s job is never ending. 

As a graduate from Taft High School, she believes in guiding students to be independent and have broad perspectives while they are being equipped for future endeavors.  We must prepare them for life after graduation.  These kids are our future.

Once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound!