Adult Presentations

Texas S.T.E.P.                                                                                                                         Length:  15min - 30min

Texas  Statewide Tobacco Education & Prevention Program educates the parents about preventive programs to reduce the child's access to tobacco. Informs of tobacco and nicotine addiction, and the laws and consequences of  tobacco possession.

Gang Recognition                                                                                                               Length:  15min - 30min

Program is designed for administrators, teachers, and public who wish to familiarize themselves with history, identifiers,
and graffiti associated with area gang activity.

Identity Theft
                                                                                                                            Length:  15min - 30min

Information is provided on preventative measures to take to assure your "identity" is not used by another person.

Fatal Vision                                                                                                                                Length:  15min - 30min 

An opportunity is given for the person to experience performing tasks while wearing unique and specially designed goggles that simulate being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Personal Safety
                                                                                                                      Length:  15min - 30min

Information on personal safety tips for adults while at work and in public. 

Gun Safety                                                                                                                                  Length:  15min - 30min

Information on the proper handling and storage of firearms is given.

Babysitting Tips                                                                                                                     Length:  15min - 30min 

Information is provided to the teen babysitter on safety precautions to exercise while babysitting.

CPTED(Crime Prevention Thru Environmental Design)
                     Length:  15min - 30min

Information on home safety and security issues is given. An inspection of the property by a licensed crime prevention specialist can be arranged.